I have always worked with words, as a journalist and copywriter, but, when I started painting, which I did late in life, I discovered that I could create stories in the form of paintings. With color and shape, I could convey memories and evoke emotions. It became a series of paintings with childhood memories that were taken out for Liljevalch’s Spring Salon in 2011. There came to be other stories on my canvases as well.

Today I explore different techniques and styles to find my own unique voice. I allow myself to be inspired by everything around me, nature, urban environments, people, animals, plants, relationships, spiritual issues and not least by others who also work creatively. I try to capture moments of beauty and turn them into something timeless. Preferably works that speak to the viewer’s emotions and that evoke thoughts.

” For me, art is about expressing yourself and creating something that touches others.”

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.
I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful,

and don’t forget to make some art… write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.
And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

– Neil Gaiman


  • Spring Salon, Solna Art Gallery, jury judged, 2023
  • Danderyds Konstrunda, 2021
  • Spring Salon, Solna Art Gallery, jury judged, 2019
  • Spring Salon, Danderyds Församling, 2019
  • Separate exhibition at Kungsholmsdoktorn, 2019
  • Autumn Salon Väsby Art Gallery, jury judged, 2018
  • Art Salon, Sigtuna Cultural Association, jury judged, 2018
  • Överby Autumn Salon, jury judged, 2018
  • Autumn Salon, Edsvik Art Gallery, Sollentuna, jury judged, 2018
  • Art Salon, Stjärnhov, jury judged, 2018
  • Spring Salon, Danderyd, 2018
  • Art Salon, Edsvik Art Gallery, Sollentuna, 2017
  • Art Salon, Märsta Art Gallery, jury judged, 2017
  • Separate exhibition at Församlingens Hus, Danderyd, 2017
  • Danderyds Konstrunda, 2017
  • Art Salon, Enköping, 2017
  • Art Salon, Stjärnhov, jury judged,, 2017
  • Among flowers and stitches – a textile exhibition, Virserums Art Gallery, 2017
  • Danderyds Spring Salon, 2017
  • Autumn Salon, Märsta Art Gallery, jury judged, 2016
  • Danderyds Spring Salon, 2016
  • Församlingens Hus, Danderyd, separate exibition, 2014
  • Danderyds Konstrunda, 2013
  • Djursholms Castle – Portrait exhibition, jury judged, 2013
  • Carpe Diem Art Show, Malta, 2012
  • Opus 64 Galerie, Malta, 2011
  • Liljevalchs Spring Salon, jury judged, Stockholm, 2011
  • Route des Artistes de Saint Remy de Provence, France, 2009


  • The Association of Swedish Women Artists
  • BUS
  • Watercolor Society Spray
  • The artist group Carpe Diem Art
  • The painter group Maria (MåMa)
  • Your Art Tribe – Louise Fletcher


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